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Customs Clearance

For your Import Air freight or Sea freight shipments, we can complete Import Customs clearance, store and deliver shipments from all major Airports and Sea ports within the UK.

We have developed an in-depth, global knowledge of the procedures, legislation and customs tariffs that form the backbone of UK import and export clearances. Recognised as specialists in customs clearance we handle all formalities where needed, including assistance with licences, port health and ministry requirements.

Our Customs Clearance Services:


  • Helpful advice and download of required forms for Import UK Customs Clearance

  • Instant rates for Import UK customs clearance and delivery

  • Same day Customs Clearance and delivery from all major airports and sea ports to a UK address

  • Secure storage for your import shipment after clearance

  • Packing, repacking and delivery to third-party with your documents

  • Most competitive rates for Clearance, Storage and Delivery 

All main airports and sea ports covered:

London Gatwick Airport 
London Heathrow Airport 
London Stansted Airport
London City Airport 
London Luton Airport
Birmingham Airport
East Midlands Airport 


Sea Ports

London Gateway
Thames port and Greenock. 


Air Freight Custom Clearance

We enjoy an enviable reputation for prompt efficient customs clearance at the key U.K. international airports. Inclusive of: London Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW) and Manchester (MCR).


We offer:

  • A Direct link to H.M.R.C.

  • "C.H.I.E.F"

  • A bonded receiving

  • Transshipment warehouses at all locations

  • Daily express deliveries nationwide (within hours of customs clearance)

Sea Freight Custom Clearance

Our import staff in London are experts in the field of customs clearance, as well as all other aspects of imports. We have a direct link to the H.M. Revenue and Customs computer system, which enables us to offer immediate clearance. This extends to all major UK ports, including Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury and London Gateway. We can therefore control all imports from one single point in our London head office.

  • FCL Customs Clearance

We possess extensive knowledge of import entry procedures. We provide the ultimate Customs clearance and port agency services to both UK importers and fellow UK based freight forwarders, alike. With a direct link to H.M. Revenue and Customs we are able to offer immediate customs clearance at all major UK ports including Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury and London Gateway.


  • LCL Customs Clearance

We understand that not every consignment is big enough to fill an entire container or warrant the expense of shipping by itself. As an independent global LCL consolidator in the UK, we provide the solution with less than container load shipping, also referred to as groupage.  As a master loader we are able to consolidate your cargo with other shippers to fill a container, ensuring you benefit from the lowest cost shipping. Additionally, we are able to prevent or reduce secondary charges for customers who book directly with us.

Import Custom Clearance

We work closely with reliable logistics container transportation companies, located at both the Port of Felixstowe and the Port of Southampton. We are therefore able to provide our customers with complete cargo handling services, inclusive of a Customs Bonded Warehouses and Customs AEO certified depots.

  • Import Clearance (Commercial goods) 

As it is necessary that all goods entering the E.U. undergo import clearance and are therefore likely to pay customs duty and VAT (with some exceptions), we are here to provide assistance. However, to do so we require the following documents to be completed:

  1. Bill of Lading – either marked “original” or “express release”

  2. Commercial invoice – outlining in a precise manner the supplier, description and value of the goods, as well as the terms of shipment

  3. Commodity code – If you are unsure of this, please access the classification

  4. VAT number – to reclaim the VAT if you are importing goods for re-sale within the E.U.

  5. EORI number – for imported goods, which have been purchased from outside the E.U. In this case, VAT numbers have to be re-registered as EORI numbers. EORI numbers are reusable for upcoming EU imports.

For textile imports, such as clothing etc. you may require additional documentation that should be provided by your supplier. This can include a certificate of origin and a GSP certificate.


  • Import Clearance (non-commercial goods/personal effects)


It is necessary to complete a customs document (transfer of residence) for us to process, when importing non-commercial goods or personal effects that you purchased more than 6 months ago. This is known as a C3 form and is available to download on our shipping documents page.


  • Community Transit

Community Transit is a customs procedure that allows goods which are not in free circulation (cleared through import customs anywhere within the E.U.) to move between two points within the UK or EU without being subject to customs duties and other charges.

Goods intended for a destination within the EU, arriving into a UK seaport from outside the EU do not necessarily have to be Customs cleared with duty paid on arrival at the UK port. Providing that a Community Transit Declaration is in place, it is possible for the goods to be Customs cleared in the EU destination country. This will ensure any import duties and taxes will be paid at the local rates applicable in that EU country.
Goods moving under the Community Transit procedure are classified as ‘T1 goods’.

A ‘T1’ is a N.C.T.S. declaration document.

To obtain an N.C.T.S. declaration, you can ask us to act on your behalf. Our fast, efficient and cost effective service is available to all traders, including those who are not linked to the N.C.T.S. system for Community Transit, as well as traders who do not hold the appropriate Customs Guarantee.


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