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FBA Amazon Preparation Services

We are a UK based third party order Fulfilment Company with a global reach. We are able to fulfil your online merchant orders both nationally and internationally serving a wide range of marketplaces including your Amazon account.

For any client wishing to use the FBA option, our in-house preparation services is pivotal to a slick integration into your Amazon depot. FBA has specific packaging and prep requirements for the products you choose to store in its fulfilment centres. Preparing your consignment in advance and to exact specification will help to prevent any unnecessary delays in receipt time and will also increase availability that in turn will drives sales.

As a third-party operator, we are happy to ready your consignments to send onto Amazon.


FBA Lite

The simple choice if you just need a drop ship solution

Receipt verification (Email notification that the consignment has arrived at our warehouse)
Quality Control (A brief inspection of outer to ensure the consignment has arrived in good condition)
Despatch to Amazon FBA (On the pre agreed delivery service)
Send despatch confirmation (Including tracking ID)


FBA Standard


The smart choice if you just need to add barcode labels and ship

Receipt verification (Email notification that the consignment has arrived at our warehouse)
Quality Control (A brief inspection to ensure the consignment has arrived in good condition)
Apply ASIN Barcode Label (As per Amazon specification)
Despatch to Amazon FBA (On the pre agreed delivery service to a single address)
Send despatch confirmation (Including tracking ID)




The flexible choice for any extra services added to our FBA Standard package

Tag Removal (Removal and disposal of hanging tag)
Sticker removal (Removal and disposal of sticker / label)
Polybag (Place item into clear polybag)
Bubble Wrap (Secure each item in bubble wrap)
Bundles & Multi-packs (Create a bundle / Multi-pack)
Insert Leaflet (Add contact info and promo leaflet or special instructions)
Shipping Carton – Small (Supply of shipping carton)
Shipping Carton – Medium (Supply of shipping carton)
Shipping Carton – Large (Supply of shipping carton)
Amazon Returns (Receipt of return shipment)
Amazon split (Split shipping cartons to multiple UK addresses)
EU & Rest of world deliveries (Delivery to outside of the UK)
Warehouse storage (5 working days free on receipt and charges thereafter)
Freight Management (Collection from overseas sending site)
Merchant Fulfilment (Fulfilment of orders from additional channels)


With registration complete and your goods on site, we will undertake the following services as standard:

  • Receipt and Inspection of Goods


Prior to sending a consignment onto an Amazon depot it is essential that the consignment is inspected. The main aim here is to ensure the carton count is as per ASN and that the shipping cartons are in an acceptable condition and both fit for onward travel and to the Amazon specification. Unless the goods require splitting for labeling purposes this is simply a high level visual inspection. Once verified a landed confirmation is sent to the you the customer for that added peace of mind.


  • Storage of goods


Goods are stored in our pre-retail area within a secure and controlled logistics facility. If a work order has been raised for the specific consignment then goods will be stored free of charge indefinitely.

Note: In the absence of any work order goods will be stored free of charge for up to 5 working days the storage fees will apply thereafter as per our standard rate card.


  • FBA – Drop Ship Only Option


If the transit cartons are already labelled to specification for onward travel then the process simply involves the removal of any old carrier label(s) and the onward despatching to the relevant FBA depot using the preferred carrier account. Once the consignment is despatched we will email you a copy of the shipment report and tracking ID


  • Amazon Specification


The consignments we receive for FBA processing follow a rigorous process to ensure your goods reach Amazon FBA in a compliant manner. The overall scope of compliance includes:

o Ensuring that individual SKU items are contained within a single package
o Ensuring that all products have a bar code and visible SKU on the outside of the package
o Ensuring there are no unauthorised marketing collateral such as promotional flyers, price tags or non-Amazon stickers as these are pro-hibited.
o Ensuring there are no sharp objects and if so these must be packaged accordingly. Goods that are heat, dirt or dust sensitive must also be placed in protective transparent poly bags.


  • Generating labels


In order to send your goods into an Amazon FBA depot, labels must be applied your goods according to Amazon’s regulations. The labels must feature a product identifier (SKU) specific to Amazon’s FBA programme which includes a bar code of the product identifier, item description and item condition. Labels will be be printed on adhesive paper and will include customer’s names and address, SKU details, invoice label and despatch note. There will also be a label for returns should the item need to be returned.


  • Labeling of goods


Labels are attached to goods according to Amazon’s guidelines. A readable bar code label must be attached to the goods and the entire label should be visible and contain the correct SKU. If goods are in a protective case or shrink-wrapped then the label must be visible still without needing to remove any packaging.


  • Advising FBA of a consignment


Any deliveries into an Amazon depot must be pre-booked in advance and a booking reference obtained. When an order is placed, an email is sent directly to FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) with details of the order including: SKU, amount, cost, customer name and billing address. This is then logged in to Amazon’s online system so that the relevant costs and details can be updated.


  • Dispatch the consignment


Using the preferred Amazon carrier list the consignment is dispatched in line with the Amazon booking and a tracking ID supplied to the user to complete the loop.


  • Additional Info


There are a number of restrictions that sellers must be aware of when shipping goods via and Amazon DC regarding the products affected and these include:

Liquids, powders, sharp products, glass, ceramics, breakable, fragile, baby products, textiles, jewellery, small products, Plexiglas and adult products.

We will validate your goods before sending them out and ensure that they adhere to the exact specification Amazon states in their guidelines. This gives you that added peace of mind knowing that Amazon won’t be rejecting your shipment and in turn you will realise optimum sales potential.


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